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2018 Wall Street Women Forum:
What’s Possible…?

April 18, 2018
1:45pm to 7:00pm
New York, NY

Keynote Speakers:

Lisa M. Shalett
Former Partner, Goldman Sachs; Independent Board Director;
Advisor to Startups

Ceci Kurzman
Founder and President, Nexus Management Group;
Former Music Executive/Talent Manager;
Private Investor; Entrepreneur; Independent Board Member

Welcoming Remarks:

Jane Newton
Managing Partner and Wealth Advisor, RegentAtlantic; Founder, RegentAtlantic Wall Street Women Forum

Opening Keynote:

A Conversation with Lisa M. Shalett
Lisa M. Shalett, Former Partner, Goldman Sachs;
Independent Board Director; Advisor to Startups

Breakout Sessions:

Session A: Crafting Your Own Narrative
Everybody has a story.  Do you take ownership of your own story to effectively shape what others say about you?  What is the story you want to tell others about yourself and your career?  How can you be more intentional in communicating your narrative in a compelling and meaningful way?  The clearer you are in conveying your messages the better you can engage others to promote you, positioning yourself so that you are found for the opportunities you seek. In this workshop you will:

  • Map out your current narrative and identify 3-4 key messages you want to highlight
  • Learn how to share your narrative in a way that is authentic and memorable
  • Practice communicating your new narrative with colleagues
  • Walk away with a proven process to refine your narrative and adapt it for an array of situations
Workshop Leaders: Jill Flynn
Founding Partner, Flynn Heath Holt Leadership; Author
Brenda F. Wensil
Partner, Flynn Heath Holt Leadership
Session B: Career Transitions Are the New Normal: Cultivating the Transition Mindset
In our swiftly changing world, we have to be transition experts in our careers.  What are the keys to developing a transition mindset?  It starts with clarifying what a career transition looks like to you. Whether you are considering a huge leap or a smaller step ahead, you will benefit from being proactive – from identifying what is most important to you, to creating new options and being open to the unexpected, to designing your plan and setting it in motion.  Learn how other accomplished Wall Streeters have planned their own career moves (and lessons learned from not being so proactive).  Our savvy panelists—two women and one man—will draw on their deep experience to help you think broadly and creatively about your next step and build optionality.  Hear how they have turned what seemed improbable into what’s possible.  You don’t have to do this alone.  What tools can you use to best engage others to help you think outside the box and get where you want to go?  This open and candid discussion will equip you with practical advice to embrace your career transitions with confidence and success.
Moderator: Joann S. Lublin
Management News Editor, The Wall Street Journal; Author, “Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business World.”
Panelists: Lisa Dallmer
Financial Services Executive; Former COO Global Technology and Operations, BlackRock
Khe Hy
Contributing Editor, Quartz at Work; Creator, RadReads
Andrea L. Lisher
Managing Director, Head of North America, Global Funds, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Closing Keynote:

A Conversation with Ceci Kurzman
Ceci Kurzman, Founder and President, Nexus Management Group; Former Music Executive/Talent Manager; Private Investor; Entrepreneur; Independent Board Member

Closing Remarks




For more information, contact: Jane Newton

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