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2012 Survey Results

Live Event Survey Results

1. What do you see as the primary ingredient for leadership?

Being self confident 14%
Being a risk taker 4%
Having a vision 39%
Being able to influence others 42%
Acting like a “Queen B” 0%

2. In general, Wall Street women exhibit__ confidence than men in similar roles.

More 21%
Less 53%
The same 25%

3. You tend to exhibit__ confidence than men in similar roles.

More 41%
Less 39%
The same 20%

4. When it comes to my professional visibility:

I have no problem touting my accomplishments; I’m my own PR person 40%
I am much more comfortable touting the accomplishments of others; less so my own 43%
I rely on others to do this for me 7%
What’s all the fuss about? My hard work speaks for itself 10%

5. Over the next two years, your cash compensation is likely to be:

Higher 38%
Lower 22%
The same 25%
How would I know? 15%

6. What did you do with most of your latest bonus, after tax?

I kept it in a cash account 41%
I invested it for the long term 26%
I spent it 12%
I paid down debt 20%
None of your business; it’s personal 1%

Pre Event Survey Results

1. If you were negotiating for a new job, what one thing would you ask for besides compensation?

Control over budget 8%
Control over hiring decisions 8%
Responsibility for key clients 27%
A seat on a key committee or task force 22%
Less restrictions, more flexibility in exit terms 0%
More control over work arrangements 30%
Other 5%

2. In October, Catalyst released results of a study about why high-potential women’s careers lag men’s, concluding that: “Men are paid for potential while women are paid for (proven) performance.” Do you agree or disagree with this finding?

Agree, and it applies to me 68%
Agree, yet it does not apply to me 19%
Disagree, yet it applies to me 3%
Disagree, and it does not apply to me 11%

3. If you were handed $100,000, with no strings attached, which of the following would you do with it? Choose one or two:

Spend it 5%
Save it 80%
Use it to repay debt 16%
Use it to fund education 5%
Give it to charity 18%
Help a family member 8%

4. Are you the primary breadwinner in your household?

I am the primary breadwinner 53%
My partner is the primary breadwinner 3%
My partner and I are about equal earners 37%
I am solo 8%

5. Do you have children?

Yes, at home 58%
Yes, fully launched 8%
No children 34%

6.  Do you have a mentor and/or sponsor (someone who advocates for you)? Select as many as apply.

Yes, a mentor through a formal program at my firm 5%
Yes, a mentor informally inside of my firm 35%
Yes, a mentor informally outside of my firm 46%
A mentor isn’t enough, I have a sponsor too 24%
I have neither a mentor nor a sponsor 27%
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