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Rosemarie Ruggero Portrait

Rosemarie Ruggero is the Founder and CEO of ElderCare Advocacy, a private geriatric care management practice established in 1989. Ms. Ruggero is a Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Aging Life Care Professional. She has worked in the field of aging for almost 40 years initially as the Director of the Social Work Department of a large Nursing Home before establishing her private practice.

As an Aging Life Care Professional, she assists family members in obtaining and ensuring a safe environment designed to optimize their parents functioning and quality of life after a thorough in-home evaluation that includes family and financial resources. Referrals are made to knowledgeable allied professionals as needed (i.e. Elder Law Attorneys, Physicians, etc.).

She brings compassion, knowledge and relentless advocacy to assist clients to sort through the maze of agencies and bureaucratic hurdles related to obtaining quality homecare services, institutional placement or discharge, accurate legal advice, timely medical intervention, social and emotional supports and significant financial protections.

Ms. Ruggero and/or her team may oversee the care on a daily, weekly or monthly basis if the family is unable to do so because of family/work responsibilities or lack of proximity.

While Ms. Ruggero practices primarily in the NY Metro Area, she belongs to the Aging Life Care Association which is a national organization composed of experts in aging throughout the country and can make referrals to others like herself.

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