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Anne Miller Portrait

Anne Miller, respected author, speaker and seminar leader, is a business builder, helping people in high stakes situations successfully communicate to drive the results they want.

For over 25 years, Anne has earned a reputation for her original approaches to broadening the thinking and skill sets of even her most seasoned clients. She works with firms drawn from Wall Street, the print and digital media world, and consulting and accounting services, as well as with organizations like The Association for Corporate Growth and The UN. Coaching assignments include preparing Partners for public speaking events; salespeople for important client presentations; Operations and IT pros for critical internal meetings; and rising stars to advance their careers.

Originally an English teacher in New York City, Anne moved on to Wall Street, spent five years at Institutional Investor Magazine, and then switched to the Professional Development industry, shortly becoming General Manager of a communications company. Business engagements have taken her to Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Her latest book is Make What You Say Pay! The language that opens minds, closes deals, & wows crowds. Both NBC Today in New York and Bloomberg News Radio have featured Anne on their shows. She has also been guest lecturer at Columbia University.

Anne received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the City College of New York and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin. Anne is particularly enthusiastic about her pro bono work for both Streetwise Partners, which helps unemployed workers get jobs, and the microfinance industry. Anne resides with her family in New York. More information about Anne can be found at

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