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Owning Your Career

“In Transition” by Mary Lindsey Burton (book) – full of tips and exercises

Women Give ‘Luck’ Credit for Their Success – Should They? (article) by the Center for Creative Leadership

Shonda Rhimes’s TED Talk: My Year of Saying Yes to Everything

Break Your Own Rules: How To Change The Patterns Of Thinking That Block Women’s Paths To Power by Flynn, Heath and Holt (book) – practical coaching insights to break through the limiting beliefs that get in our way

The Influence Effect: A New Path to Power for Women Leaders (book) by Heath, Flynn, Holt and Faison – actionable strategies to build your influence and impact

Women Find Your Voice (article) in the Harvard Business Review by Flynn, Heath and Holt

Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business World (book) by Joann S. Lublin

Your Executive Career – Wall Street Journal column by management news editor, Joann S. Lublin

Speaker quote – “Be the CEO of You Inc., which means having a strategic plan for growth, a vision for what success looks like and broaden your network of advisers and thought leaders to expand the possibilities.” …Lisa Dallmer

How to pick a career that actually fits you (blog post)

Achieving Your True Potential

Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine (book)

More from Shirzad Chamine: Online tool to conquer your Saboteurs

Shirzad Chamine’s TED Talk: Know Your Inner Saboteurs

Khe Hy’s newsletter RadReads and audio podcasts RadAwakenings

The Inner Landscape of Beauty John O’Donohue interviewed by Krista Tippett (podcast)

For Those Wanting to Serve on Boards

Women on Board – Insider Secrets to Getting on a Board and Succeeding As a Director by Nancy Calderon and Susan Stautberg (book)

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