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2015 Survey Results

Live Survey Results

1. Your primary career goal now is to:

Continue to climb the ladder higher 53%
Hang on and stay relevant 16%
Retire within two years 3%
Find a new job in the industry 16%
Find a new job outside the industry 9%
Start my own business 3%

2. Given the changes on Wall Street since 2008, do you think there are ______________ opportunities for women to advance to the most senior positions in our industry?

More 47%
Fewer 39%
The same 14%

3. Do you have a mentor and/or a sponsor (someone who advocates for you)?

Yes, a mentor through a formal program at my firm 4%
Yes, an informal mentor, in my firm 22%
Yes, an informal mentor, outside of my firm 25%
A mentor isn’t enough. I have a sponsor, too 17%
I have neither a mentor nor a sponsor 32%

4. What’s “your number?” You know, the amount you need to sustain your desired lifestyle?

$2 – $3MM of invested assets 12%
$4 – $6MM 43%
$7 – $9MM 12%
More than $10MM 30%
How would I know what’s enough? 5%

5. Do you serve on a public company board?

Yes, I’m on one or more 3%
No, and I’ve tried, but not yet succeeded 9%
No, and I’m thinking about this opportunity 27%
No, I’m not interested in being on a public board or my employment forbids this 20%
No, but I’m on non-profit board(s) 41%

6. Have you tried using the Amy Cuddy “Power Pose?”

Yes, and it helped 16%
Yes, and it didn’t make a different 5%
No 27%
I never heard of this yoga position 52%

7. What is the most successful thing you’ve done over the past year to advance your career?

Being true to myself Said “yes”
Stopped worrying about the small things
Executive coach Asked for help
Mentored others Changed firms

Pre Event Survey Results

1. Where are you right now in your career?

Exactly where I want to be, doing what I want to do 40%
Where I want to be, doing what I want to do, but not receiving appropriate compensation or recognition 34%
Receiving appropriate compensation, but not doing what I want to do 0%
Not at all where I want to be and I need help getting there 17%
I don’t know where I want to be but it’s not where I am now 9%

2. What is the biggest barrier to your success?

I’m my own worst enemy – I need to have more confidence in myself and ask for what I want 28%
Lack of sponsors to push me and provide opportunities 44%
I’m not willing to make the necessary sacrifices 14%
I can’t afford to take the financial risk 10%
I’m afraid to fail. These days, I’d prefer to play it safe and keep my head down 3%

3. When it comes to communicating effectively in meetings, high-level women on Wall Street perform ________ compared to men in similar roles.

Better 34%
Worse 26%
About the same 40%

4. When it comes to your own effectiveness in meetings, you score yourself as ________ compared to your male counterparts.

Better 6%
Worse 11%
About the same 83%

5. Women often have a perception that men do a better job negotiating for themselves. What do you think men do better than women? (Check all that apply)

Men ask for what they want 83%
Men actively prepare for the negotiation and figure out what they want in advance 29%
Men discuss and test out their negotiating ideas on others 14%
Men assume everything is negotiable 60%
Nothing – men and women are equally good at this 9%

6. In general, Wall Street women exhibit ________ confidence than men in similar roles.

More 9%
Less 63%
The same 29%

7. You tend to exhibit ________ confidence than men in similar roles

More 12%
Less 35%
About the same 53%
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