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2014 Survey Results

Live Event Survey Results

1. Given the changes on Wall Street since 2008, do you think there are ____ opportunities for women to advance to the most senior positions in our industry?

More 58%
Fewer 27%
Same 15%

2. What do you see as the primary ingredient for leadership?

Being self-confident 14%
Being a risk taker 1%
Having a vision 30%
Being able to influence others 51%
Exuding gravitas 4%

3. Do you have a mentor and/or sponsor (someone who advocates for you)? Select as many as apply.

Yes, a mentor through a formal program at my firm 5%
Yes, a mentor informally in my firm 19%
Yes, a mentor informally outside my firm 18%
A mentor isn’t enough, I have a sponsor, too 34%
I have neither a mentor nor a sponsor 24%

4. What’s your “number”? You know, the amount you need to sustain your desired lifestyle?

$2 – $3 mm of invested assets 10%
$4 – $6 mm of invested assets 47%
$7 – $9 mm of invested assets 14%
More than $10 mm 19%
How would I know what’s enough? 10%

5. On your toughest day at work, what is the one thing that keeps you going?

Knowing that I’m getting closer to my ultimate goal 19%
I need another $1 million to get to my number 3%
The people who rely on me 16%
The people I surround myself with 34%
Knowing that I’m making a difference for my firm 23%
The hottie in the mailroom 5%

6. What is your personal definition of success?

 “happiness for my family and myself”  “joy”

“happiness and financial security”  “more money”

“being able to influence positive change anywhere it’s mostly needed”  “constantly raising the bar”

“having an impact”   “being able to do what I want when I want”

“knowing and being known as an expert who adds value and makes an impact”

“being recognized for my success and the pride my kids have in me”

“helping other identify and achieve their dreams”

“coming from a small town in to making it in NYC”

“happiness and financial security”  “contributing to the success of my family and firm”

“knowing the results of my work had my fingerprints on it”

“knowing there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing”

“health love relationships”

Pre Event Survey Results

1. Where are you right now in your career?

Exactly where I want to be, doing  I what I want to 26%
Where I want to be, doing what I want to do, but not receiving appropriate compensation or recognition 33%
Receiving appropriate compensation, but not doing what I want to do 23%
Not at all where I want to be and I’m taking the next steps to get there 12%
I don’t know where I want to be, but it’s not where I am now 6%

2. What is the biggest barrier to your success?

I’m my own worst enemy – I need to have more confidence in myself and ask for what I want 40%
Lack of sponsors to push me and provide opportunities 24%
I’m not willing to make the necessary sacrifices 21%
I can’t afford to take the financial risk 3%
I’m afraid to fail.  These days, I’d prefer to play it safe and keep my head down 12%

3. What is the primary way you get feedback for your performance

I solicit feedback throughout the year from my manager 26%
I solicit feedback throughout the year from my peers and direct reports 15%
I solicit feedback during my formal performance review 0%
I listen carefully to unsolicited feedback 33%
I tap into my trusted network 26%
I believe no news is good news 0%

4. Which time-saving technique is most valuable to you?

I say no without feeling guilty 18%
I am ruthless with my calendar 6%
I make time to recharge myself 23%
I outsource or delegate 21%
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