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2011 Survey Results

At this year’s Forum, we surveyed the participants regarding career success, motivation and opportunities for women on Wall Street. Using electronic instant response devices to pose the questions, here are their responses.

1. What is your “career beta” –the correlation of your career to the market?

High 22%
Medium 59%
Low 19%

2. Your primary career goal now is to:

Continue to climb the ladder 28%
Stay relevant long term 35%
Achieve better work/life balance 14%
Find a new job in the industry 17%
Find a new job outside the industry 6%

3. Given the changes on Wall Street over the last three years, do you think there are _________ opportunities for women to advance to the most senior positions in our industry?

More 32%
Fewer 43%
The same 25%

4. Over the next two years, your cash compensation is likely to be:

Higher 49%
Lower 6%
The same 34%
How would I know? 10%

5. Do you have a seat at the table?

Yes, the one I want 19%
Yes, multiple seats 10%
Yes, but not the right seat 38%
Seat, what seat? 33%
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