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2010 Survey Results

At the Forum, we surveyed the participants – 100 senior Wall Street women – regarding career success, motivation, and opportunities for women on Wall Street. Using electronic instant response devices to pose the questions, here are their responses.

1. If you could wave your magic wand and have any career you want, what would it be?

Continue to work on Wall Street 33%
Start my own business 26%
Work at a nonprofit 10%
Move to something totally different 24%
Not certain 7%

2. Given the changes in the industry over the past two years, I think there are _____ opportunities for women to advance to the most senior positions:

More 38%
Fewer 43%
Don’t know 19%

3. Which one of these has been most important to your success on Wall Street?

Networking 16%
If I work hard, I’l get noticed 24%
Taking risks 30%
Plain luck, being in the right place at the right time 23%
Sleeping with the boss 7%

4. What motivates you most at work?

My compensation 17%
The intellectual challenge 17%
Power and status 17%
Feeling that I’m “giving back” to society 17%
Receiving recognition and respect for my work 33%

5. Which best describes your outlook on your ability to finance your retirement?

I’m very confident that my resources will be adequate 19%
I’m somewhat confident 52%
I’m scared to death 29%
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