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CI RegentAtlantic:
The Financial Professional’s Financial Advisor

Imagine knowing you have the freedom to pursue new possibilities.  Would you climb further in your career, take on a new role or launch a long-dreamed of venture?  Perhaps you would choose to simply take time for yourself and your family.  We believe that having the freedom to make choices is not enough; it’s also imperative to understand how your options fit together — and what might be holding you back.

In our 40 years of advising clients, we know that every individual and situation is unique.  We look at the three key areas of your life — professional, personal and financial.  Having a clear understanding of the financial implications of career and personal decisions is often what eclipses a sense of freedom — and holds you back from moving forward.

Our mission is to give our clients the confidence to make significant life decisions.  When someone from the Forum community asks us, “What’s possible?” we provide real-life answers and relevant expertise.  We understand what’s on your mind because we’ve been there ourselves.  Both personally and in advising clients like you.  We show you what’s possible by tying it all together — creating your financial plan to empower you to make informed decisions that impact all aspects of your life.  From a career path choice and financial freedom to prioritizing cash flows, tax efficient and ESG investing, and charitable planning, we design the investment plan that helps get you where you want to be.  Our mission is partnering for your financial well-being.

Our commission-free business model is designed specifically to serve you better.  In 2021, RegentAtlantic was acquired by CI Private Wealth – a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. CI Financial is a global financial services firm that has been setting the standard for investment excellence for more than 50 years.  This partnership enables us to continue offering the objective advice, discipline and strategies you have come to expect from our boutique—enhanced by the extensive resources and vast intellectual capital of an innovative leader to create a profoundly different wealth management experience.

We recognize it takes courage to ask for help.  Let CI RegentAtlantic give you the clarity and confidence you deserve to move forward with courage.

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